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Car rental in Sochi
Rental Prices
Car rental in Sochi
Suzuki Swift
Capacity 1.3 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2017
Price: from 1 300 ₽/day
Chevrolet Cobalt AT
Capacity 1,5 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2017
Price: from 1 100 ₽/day
Chevrolet Spark
Capacity 1,0 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 100 ₽/day
Renault Sandero MT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2020
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Ravon R2
Capacity 1,3 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 1 300 ₽/day
Hyundai Solaris
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 400 ₽/day
Kia Rio
Capacity 1.6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2016
Price: from 1 600 ₽/day
Nissan Almera
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2017
Price: from 1 900 ₽/day
Kia Rio New
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 2 000 ₽/day

Car rental in Sochi

            Rent a car in Sochi — a comfortable road with Amigo!

We offer services:

– Rent a car in Sochi without a driver

– Rent a car with a crew

– Carsharing with hourly payment

– Transport outsourcing of various types

            Amigo — Your reliable car rental in Sochi

Amigo car rental has more than 14 years of experience and is marked by high service, with a rating of 4.9–5.0 stars according to independent estimates. We guarantee the best value for money among all available offers: rent a car in Sochi from 1000 rubles. per day.

Amigo is our name and one of the main priorities, as we build long—term and trusting relationships with our customers.

Therefore, we offer an excellent level of service and various service options based on the needs of customers, so that you can rent a car with maximum benefit for a vacation or business trip in many cities of Russia.

Only an honest approach: no hidden fees, commissions and changes in cost. On the contrary, exclusive offers and pleasant discounts are waiting for you. Therefore, we have more than 1,000 positive reviews and enjoy the trust of more than 60,000 satisfied customers. After all, Amigo is always comfortable!

In our fleet there are more than 70 cars of thirty models of all classes, including high-capacity vehicles. You will be able to rent a new car that best suits your needs and budget.

We save you time and money by offering a high-quality and convenient online booking service at the best price so that you can quickly arrange a car rental in Sochi and focus on more important things while enjoying a pleasant trip.

To make customers feel safe, we provide full information about the technical characteristics of rented cars and provide round-the-clock support. Place an order online or call directly, and experienced specialists will answer all your questions.

The menu sections of the website provide detailed information about the company, its key values, business format, a wide range of services, as well as customer reviews and rating ratings from major car rental platforms in Sochi.

You can not only be our client, but also become a partner or open your own business by launching a ready-made franchise. We will train you to work with a successful business model, transfer experience and provide constant support.    

Amigo uses advanced technologies and is the developer of an intelligent CRM program with a flexible system of settings, universal integration and convenient functionality for car rental.

The program automates all business management processes, maintains data, helps to interact effectively with customers, conducts in-depth analysis and provides high quality service. This contributes to an increase in efficiency of up to 30% and provides a clear advantage over competitors.

The affiliate program offers a passive monthly income of up to 70% per annum. Earn with us and move forward! Invest in a dynamically growing business or lend your car to a car rental company and get a good percentage of car rental.

Downtime is harmful to the "health" of the car and the profit of its owner! Therefore, we are developing, expanding our services, using new opportunities, attracting more customers and increasing capital.

To better understand how car rental in Sochi works, make your order and make sure of Amigo's competence!  

            Car rental in Sochi, rental and hourly carsharing

Rent a car in Sochi at the best price — 15% lower than competitors! If you find a lower price for car rental in Sochi with similar characteristics, we will make the best offer for you.

Thanks to friendly service, specialized 24/7 customer support, honest approach, diverse fleet and excellent condition of cars, you will get real pleasure from car rental.

We offer fast booking, free cancellation or modification, daily mileage without restrictions, and delivery of a comfortable rental car to a convenient location, for example, to Sochi airport or to a hotel.

The car rental price includes a hard hat insurance, a full tank of gasoline, a phone holder, a universal charger, an AUX cable and a GPS navigator that will lay a quick route through unfamiliar terrain, and will save you from unpleasant fines and warn you about radars in a timely manner.

When renting a car for a long time, we offer an exclusive contract on particularly favorable terms. For regular customers, there is a discount of up to 10%.

Depending on the season and workload, discounts are offered for car rental of certain models, as well as regular promotions are held to advertise and attract new customers.

In order to offer relevant services and stay better than competitors, we use the most modern technologies in all work processes, for example, the author's development of a CRM system for car rental — full RentProg software.

The multifunctional and user-friendly interface of the program allows you to automate and speed up all the workflows of the car rental business, conduct deep analytics, effectively and quickly interact with customers in real time, from booking to return.

With the help of the RentProg platform, we competently manage and control the company's work, minimizing costs and the human factor, understand the real demand and form a profitable offer, maintaining a high level of service. Making the most of the opportunities, we increase the flow and quality of customer service and keep competitive rental prices.

By ordering a car rental in Sochi, you will get a reliable car with a presentable appearance. We carefully monitor the correct maintenance, technical condition of the cars and their external attractiveness in order to ensure a safe and pleasant trip as much as possible.

All rental cars are CASCO insured, providing additional coverage and protecting the driver from unforeseen expenses.

            Making an order for a car rental in Sochi

On the main page or in the menu section, select the appropriate class and model of the car, read the characteristics and video review. Enter the date and time to check the availability of the car, fill in the application fields and click "submit". After processing the data, the car rental will confirm your reservation.

The website describes in detail the terms of the lease and presents the text of the contract in electronic form. How to speed up the car rental process? Call directly, our managers will answer your questions and quickly pick up a car for rental in case of urgent booking.

            Renting a car without a driver is our main service

Our main specialization is renting a car without a driver.

We work all along the coast of greater Sochi, from Tuapse to Adler.

Including Khosta, Lazarevskoye, Krasnaya Polyana, and we also serve a car on request to Sochi International Airport, located in Adler, and other locations.

There is a wide range of car rental options for any occasion and budget, from economy to business class, including large-capacity minivans, crossovers, as well as transport for the transportation of bulk cargo.

We are committed to long-term cooperation and will provide car rental tailored to your individual needs. After all, a personal approach is an Amigo concept!

Taking care of the convenience and safety of the trip, we provide the most favorable prices, a high level of service, additional insurance coverage for CASCO and the ability to connect SUPER CASCO for super risk coverage, additional benefits and protection.       

            Rent a car or car rental — what is the difference?               

More than half of our clients ask the question, which would be more appropriate from a financial and legal point of view: to rent a car or use car rental service?

We will answer directly, from the financial side, the client does not have any additional benefits. Car rental is one of the types of rental, and the terminology in the contract affects the legal subtleties of the case.

The rental agreement is concluded with an individual, for a period of several hours or days up to a year. The Client is provided with a driverless vehicle for temporary use, exclusively for personal purposes, without any possibility of transferring it to third parties or using it for commercial activities.

If you decide to order a car with a driver in Sochi, then a rental agreement will be issued. The passenger is not responsible for the management and does not think about the associated costs for gasoline, parking, car washing and so on.  

Thus, a lease agreement can be concluded with an individual or an organization. In a contract with a legal entity, vehicles can be rented without a crew. Responsibility for maintenance and repair costs is individually prescribed, and the transfer of transport to third parties is also provided.

When placing an order, let your priority be not the wording "rental" or "rent", but the trustworthy reputation of the car rental.

The right choice is a comfortable road!                   

            How does carsharing work in Sochi?

Carsharing means sharing a car. It differs from traditional car rental by a short-term rental period, for example for one or several hours. The payment is calculated taking into account the time spent (per minute/hourly rate) or the distance traveled.

Carsharing is designed to reduce the number of personal vehicles and its rational use. It encourages drivers to plan trips carefully and use alternative means of transportation.

Thus, traffic congestion is reduced, the ecology of the city is improved, and drivers save money. Carsharing allows you to access the car at any time, and not only during the working hours of the service.

The driver books the car using an online application or through an operator, picks it up from the reserved parking lot, and returns it to the same place after the end of the trip.

Car-sharing companies put forward various requirements for participating drivers. Such as regular payment of contributions (in addition to paying for trips), an impeccable driving history, an age threshold of 21 years, a driver's license check, and so on. To understand whether you will save money with carsharing, let's look at some details.

            Two sides of carsharing: advantages and disadvantages

Carsharing attracts convenient use of the car for short and infrequent trips, as well as 24/7 availability. The service provides for a more favorable payment, with per-minute / hourly billing or taking into account mileage. For carsharing cars, free parking spaces are allocated around the city.

Carsharing services take care of parking, insurance, the technical condition of the fleet and other nuances. Drivers pay annual fees and actual trips, reducing their costs compared to the maintenance of a personal car.                                 

Everything looks attractive. But let's discuss some of the features and disadvantages of carsharing. Although the service is available around the clock, this does not mean that you will quickly get the car you want.

It is most reliable to book a car in advance. However, it is worth considering that if you cancel your reservation at the last minute, a fee may be charged.

Participants have certain time limits on the use of cars, which depend on the cost of membership fees. You will need to plan your trip carefully to avoid a fine for being late, and extending your reservation will cost more than renting a car for a day.

Carsharing ceases to be a profitable service if you need to travel every day and cover considerable distances. Special parking lots where carsharing cars are located are not always located nearby, which creates inconvenience.

In order not to pay for other people's "shoals", it is necessary to independently check the car for damage and accessories by taking photos and videos before and after the trip. Be sure to inform the operator about all claims before departure. The process of inspection and fixation is quite difficult in bad weather or at night.

Sharing a car leaves "gray areas" that are not regulated by the legal sphere and remain at the mercy of everyone's good manners and conscience. For example, the absence of unpleasant odors, whether the salon will be cleaned after eating or dog hair.

Testing reveals the vulnerability of mobile applications of carsharing services with personal accounts of drivers, from hacker attacks and fraudulent actions

How does carsharing work in Sochi? We do not use mobile apps with driver accounts and do not conduct monthly fees. On our website or through a manager, you can order carsharing with hourly payment. No penalties are charged for cancellation of the reservation, and if necessary, the service is extended according to the daily rate.

                            What is transport outsourcing?

Transport outsourcing means the involvement of a specialized company to partially or fully perform the tasks of transporting goods or passengers. It is not realistic for most organizations to carry out internal and external transportation on their own.

The maintenance of the fleet and the hiring of qualified personnel requires considerable financial and physical costs. In order to reduce costs and focus on priority tasks, organizations conclude a contract with a specialized company for transport outsourcing.

We offer a comprehensive or partial solution of transport tasks on exclusive terms, based on the individual needs and goals of the client. We provide the necessary units of comfortable transport with or without a driver for long-term rental or for a certain period.

We will take care of the necessary documentation, reporting, technical condition and maintenance of the fleet. We will make high-quality repairs, and promptly provide backup transport in case of a malfunction.  

Permanent cooperation is especially advisable for companies that conduct business activities, but do not have a branch in the Sochi region. We are trusted by clients such as Rosatom, Inmetech, Novatek, System Solutions, Megafon and other reputable companies.  

            4 reasons to rent a car

Today it has become popular to rent a car, especially when it comes to transportation, business trips, special events or travel. A modern tourist wants to get a pleasant experience, preferring comfort and mobility.

Renting a car helps to make a drive test without haste before buying and study the functions of the same brand of car, reduce the wear of your own car, take a more economical or more spacious and passable model.

Amigo offers the most profitable car rental in Sochi — from 1000 rubles. per day. Order a rented car to the airport and start your journey with maximum convenience.

The main reasons and advantages of renting:

– Travel while on vacation

– Replacement of a personal car

– Business meetings and business trips

– Special events  

            Travel while on vacation

Renting a car allows you to travel for pleasure, plan an individual route, feel free, and conveniently get to the right places, getting the most out of the trip.

By renting a roomy car, you can take additional luggage, such as fishing gear, camping supplies, have a picnic in nature, and have fun traveling with large companies.

            Replacement of a personal car

If there was an unexpected breakdown of a personal car, you should not change plans and give up comfort or overpay for a taxi. You can order an urgent rental by phone or book a car yourself by making an online application on the website.

We offer the most favorable tariff and will promptly provide an excellent replacement for the time of repair of your car. Be behind the wheel with Amigo!

            Business meetings and business trips

For business people, time is money, and punctuality and a prestigious car are part of the etiquette and image of the company. Do not waste time and energy waiting for a free taxi upon arrival in Sochi or risk being late for an important meeting.

By renting a business class car with or without a driver, you will feel confident in an unfamiliar city, moving comfortably and stylishly. We offer effective solutions for any tasks, both for individual trips, and for meeting and transferring a delegation.

Renting a suitable car is a rational and productive solution during a business trip of employees, especially if the organization does not have official transport.

            Special events

Renting a luxury car during the festive events will be a great surprise and emphasize the festive atmosphere. On this day, it is worth making an impression, turning a "pumpkin into a carriage" and going to the ball. A stylish car will decorate photos and videos for wonderful memories.                

            Car rental or city transport?

Car rental is simply necessary if the public transport network is poorly developed, a mini-trip consisting of different destinations is planned, a long trip is ahead, you are traveling with children or a large company.

City transport can be cheaper, but car rental offers irreplaceable amenities, comfort and mobility, eliminating unnecessary stress, fatigue and dependence on the schedule. You will be able to see more and explore new places deeper by taking beautiful pictures.

            Rent a car or taxi?

Depending on the situation, each service has its own benefits. A taxi will be cheaper for a short trip. Rental is more profitable when a long trip is planned or the car should be on hand during the day.

In a taxi, a passenger can relax, not follow the route and the rules of the road. Car rental is preferable when you are used to driving and are well-versed in the terrain. No need to wait for a taxi or experience discomfort from a sloppy salon.

By renting a car, you can leave part of your luggage, park at any time to have a snack or make purchases, slowly view the sights of Sochi, change the route and travel long distances.

            Where to go by rented car in Sochi?

Sochi wins the hearts of guests at the first acquaintance and gradually falls in love with itself forever! To experience the main resort of the country and match the status of the city, rent a car and plan an unforgettable route. Some places can only be reached by car.

Sights of Sochi for the traveler's note:

Olympic Park and evening fireworks of singing fountains. The music and light show usually starts at eight in the evening and lasts for an hour.

On a rented car 30 min. (30 km) to Adler.

The two-storey aquarium has collected an amazing variety of fish, including a huge glass pool with sharks that you can feed. Aquariums with reptiles and rare exotic plants.

From Sochi 22 km towards Adler. The road by car will take 22 minutes.  

The unique Navalishchenskoe gorge. Visit this unique natural monument, combining relict yew trees growing on the curved rocky slopes of the Akhun Mountain range, a cave and a crystal clear emerald lake. You will be able to walk along the hiking trails and make unforgettable shots on the observation decks.

One of the terraces of the gorge is occupied by a yew-boxwood grove, with a unique microclimate, healing air, rare plant species and 400-year-old beech trees. Also visit the ancient Khosta fortress. After a busy active holiday, you can have a snack in the restaurant, take a steam bath and spend the night at the wellness center.

While in the Khostinsky district, drive to the highest mountain in Sochi. At the top of Mount Ahun there is a castle and a viewing platform, which offers a delightful panoramic view of the surrounding area and the seascape.

Navalishchenskoye Gorge is located 25 km from Sochi. By renting a car, the road towards the city of Khosta will take about 40 minutes. Khostinskaya Fortress is located 5 km from the gorge. Mount Akhun is located 25 km from the Navalishchensky Gorge, the road will take no more than 40 minutes.

Renting a car in Sochi is a civilized approach, maximum pleasure from the trip and vivid impressions, because Amigo cares about your comfort!